Faith to Move Mountains

Faith to Move Mountains


Pledged: $348,090.00

Collected: $110,008.70          

 203 families out of 1500 registered families have pledged

Goal: $530,000.00     

Rebate so far: $31,407.43

Payments and new pledges can be sent directly to:

 Diocese of Trenton/ Faith to Move Mountains

701 Lawrenceville Rd. Trenton, NJ 08648


If you need information on how to make pledge payments electronically through the diocesan online giving system (separate from parish’s online giving) or if you have any questions regarding your pledge, please contact the campaign office 609-406-7417. Thank you!

Pledged: $334,000.000

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. What is the Faith to Move Mountains Campaign?

The Faith to Move Mountains Campaign is an endowment campaign which hopes to raise a minimum of $75,000,000 in gifts and pledges. Every parish in theDiocese has been assigned a financial target in order to meet the long-term financial needs of the Diocese of Trenton, its 107 parishes, Catholic schools, and Diocesan ministries.

2. Why do we need a major fundraising campaign?

At the present time, the Diocese of Trenton operates with funds provided by the Annual Catholic Appeal, the assessment revenue provided by parishes, and the income from sources such as investments, rental income, and service fees. Moving forward, the Diocese must not only respond to the increasing financial demands of maintaining our current level of service, but also future expenses such as our rising number of retired clergy, our growing class of seminarians, our struggling parish communities, and other future crises and costs that may arise so that our Diocese is strong and prepared to serve our community for decades to come.

3. Who will be asked to support the Faith to Move Mountains Campaign?

Each Catholic family in the Diocese of Trenton will be asked to consider making a gift to the campaign. This campaign is conducted in a phased approach so that each member is reached in the appropriate time and manner. While not all members will be able to give at the same level, each will be asked to make a sacrificial commitment.

4. What is the timeframe of the campaign?

The campaign began with six pilot parishes that launched their efforts in July of 2014. Every other parish will conduct their campaign in one of four six-month blocks running between January 2015 and the winter of 2016.